#IpsyReviews: April 2018

#IpsyReviews: April 2018

It’s officially spring (despite the weather not feeling like it), and that brings open a whole bunch of new social settings.  Graduation ceremonies, parties, nights out with your friends—and for each setting, you deserve to feel at your best and look your best!  With Ipsy’s #ipsysocialbutterfly theme for this month, they sent the best makeup choices to get you ready for any kind of social outing that you can imagine.  What if you’re not a social butterfly?  Then give it a try, do something new!  Invite your friends to the movies, go out bowling with your coworkers.  The possibilities are endless!

The bag itself definitely captures the heart of spring.  A cream colored bag with pink and purple butterflies, the makeup pouch is large enough to easily carry some of my fave to-go products and small wallet.  Not to mention those rose-gold corners!

Ranging from a vanilla-icing scented lip cream to an eyeshadow the shade of pumpkin spice, here are the five items I received this month!


  1. “Restored Warming Clay Mask” by FEEL; honestly, mud and clay masks are my favorite.  I have combination/oily skin, so when it comes to clay masks, I use them like CRAZY.  This mask is surprisingly mixed with white charcoal powder (which, honestly, I didn’t know was a thing) and Nigiri sea salt, meant to clear your pores, detoxify, and exfoliate your skin.  Uh, can I get a “YES, PLEASE”?
  2. “Coconut Oil + Coffee” sugar scrub by Purlisse; The container is a bit small for a full body sugar scrub, but despite my dislike of coconut, I actually like the smell of it.  In particular, I love coffee-based beauty products.  I’m currently obsessed with the Cup O’ Coffee face mask from LUSH, so I was excited to get this!  Coffee is great for rejuvenating your skin and it improves your circulation as well!  Like my face mask, this sugar scrub is an exfoliater (it IS a sugar scrub, lol), and have I mentioned that it smells good yet?  I have?  Well, let me say it again, this smells GOOD.
  3. Matte lip cream in “Ibiza” by NYX; Funnily enough, I have this same lip cream in a different shade.  It’s actually not too surprising as I love NYX cosmetics, and it isn’t the first time I got a similar product (a couple months ago, I got the exact same shade of a NYX Lip Lingerie that I already owned, lol).  I actually really wanted either “Istanbul” or “San Paulo”—I love light pinks—but I was actually pleasantly surprised with “Ibiza”.  It’s a pretty bold and deep color for me, but at the same time I can’t wait to actually wear it.  Even better, NYX’s lip creams are very high in pigment, long lasting, and they all smell like vanilla icing!  Major bonus.
  4. “Spiced Pumpkin” eyeshadow by Luna Cosmetics; I accidentally labeled this as “Pumpkin Spice” in my picture, confusing it with my Sugarpill lipstick of the same name and color.  Don’t get excited though; it doesn’t smell (or taste) like pumpkin spice.  Despite the lack of taste or smell,  “Spiced Pumpkin” is a highly pigmented, golden orange eyeshadow.  The glitter sticks easily, and you definitely don’t have to worry about layering it on for a bold effect.  I think my only problem with this is that it is a weird shade to put in the bag, as this color is definitely more of an end-of-summer, all-of-fall look.  Nonetheless, I’m in love!
  5. “Rose all Day” blush by Steve Laurant; I’m always a fan of blushes.  However, this one takes the cake, and easily replaced my Tarte blush as my new favorite.  The shade is SO cute, and is really easy to apply a subtle, rosy flush.  It’s also very pigmented.  When applying it this morning, I underestimated the power of it and nearly put waaaay too much on, haha.  Despite the fact that blush sometimes fades throughout the day (especially since my entire day is being spent on airplanes and going from terminal to terminal), this blush is as noticeable as when I first applied it.  Bless up.

While I love the bag design, I am sort of confused at the shade of eyeshadow I received since it definitely isn’t a very “spring” color.  Despite that, looking through the rest of April’s products, I don’t really think I would like anything else!  I’m very content with this month’s glam bag, and am definitely ready to show it off once I arrive in New Mexico.  I think my makeup goal for this month will to look fierce and up-beat!  It may be part of the rainy season, but I won’t let that affect me!  I’ll see y’all next month for May’s #IpsyReview!

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