#IpsyReviews: March 2018

#IpsyReviews: March 2018

Let your creativity flow gentlepeople, as Ipsy has released a special, DIY bag for this month!  Including 2 #ipsycreate markers, this bag inspires the artist within us all to let loose and CREATE! (Of course, I used my felt tip pens instead since I NEVER have occasion to use them).

A fun bag to match the beginnings of spring, you’re able to color this bag in however you choose! Choosing orange, pink, cyan, and dark blue for my palette, I had a blast coloring this in.  I used the colors sparsely so it’s mostly black and white, but with a pop of bright, vivid colors.  It suits the bag, and I love the thought of having a makeup bag that is, essentially, “one of its kind”.  Never knew I would focus on the bag more than what was inside it!

As per usual, I received 5 items in my glam bag; and as per usual, I loved them all.  Ranging from a glittery pink blush brush to lip gloss in a popping shade of coral, here are the five items I received this month!


  1. Balm Dotcom in “Coconut” lip salve from GLOSSIER; Despite not being a fan of coconut scents (or any tropical scent), I cannot deny the fact that this lip salve is AMAZING.  It can be doubled as cuticle cream or a skin salve, and it leaves my lips feeling SO smooth.  Not to mention the packaging makes it look like a cute little tube of peach-colored paint! Especially at this time of the year, where my lips are super dry and chapped from winter, this salve is a (literal) life saver.
  2.  “Good Night! PM Mask” face mask from MEG COSMETICS; I’m a giant fan of skincare, and face masks are my favorite part of the routine! This mask is designed to hydrate and moisturize your skin, and while I have no problems with dry skin, I was excited to try this on. Infused with avocado fruit extract and camellia sinesis leaf water and leaf extract, it’s high in vitamins designated to keep your skin nourished and moisturized.  The face mask is eco-friendly and I enjoyed the relaxation I got from putting it on!
  3. Ultimate Shine Lip Gloss in “Fairy” from AURORA; a shade of bright coral, this vibrant lip gloss is great for sunny days when you’re hanging with your squad.  Despite me having very pale skin, the orange hue looks cute on me and makes me feel like spring and summer are definitely coming soon!  Unlike most lip glosses, the Ultimate Shine Lip Gloss doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and is as pigmented as lipstick!  It’s definitely a fun color to wear to add a little ‘pop’ to your makeup look.
  4. Blusher brush in “SL41” from SLMISSGLAM; Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE getting new makeup brushes.  While this brush isn’t as soft as the Luxie ones that I’m obsessed with, the brightly colored handle and the cute ombre brush make up for it.  The handle is a vibrant glittery pink, with two pink stones on the golden part of the brush.  I can’t wait to use the brush for real, I know I’ll be feeling glam when I do!
  5. “Sex Kitten Eyeliner” eyeliner pencil from Tarte Cosmetics; I’m a giant fan of Tarte, so despite me not liking pencil eyeliners, I KNEW I had to give this a try.  And honestly?  I’m not disappointed!  While I swear by felt tip pen liners, this eyeliner glided on smoothly, and I was able to create a subtle wing look easily and evenly!  I had no makeup on when I tried this eyeliner on (I had already gotten into my pajamas by then, lol), but to add to the look I used Tarte’s “Lifted” mascara as well, my favorite current mascara, which I definitely suggest for y’all to check out!  I honestly cannot wait to wear this liner to work tomorrow to see how well it holds!

In all, the bag itself was SO adorable, and I loved everything inside of it, even if I was skeptical at first (looking at you, coconut lip balm and pencil liner).  I hope there are more DIY bags in the future, as I love to tap into my creative side and think the idea is cute.  For this month, I hope to wear these items to inspire my creativity; from auditioning for my FAVORITE musical, “Heathers: The Musical” to wanting to learn new dances with my group, this bag has definitely gotten me wanting to create.

What are your creative goals for this month?  Tell me in the comments, and I’ll see you all in April for next month’s #IpsyReview!


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