Beauty Spotlight: Honey Pot lip balm


Beauty Spotlight: Honey Pot Lip Balm

Looking for a subtle lip tint for days when you just need a little pop of color?  Then this cutely packaged lip gloss is the perfect thing for you!  Complete with a little wooden honey wand-shaped applicator, this small container of lip gloss from SkinFood is perfect for adding a subtle sheen to your makeup look.  SkinFood’s honey pot lip balm comes in three colors; sheer-yellow “Honey”, deep pink “Berry” (pictured), and reddish-orange “Mandarin”.

About the brand

SkinFood is a completely food-based cosmetic brand, using ingredients ranging from avocado to black sugar to even caviar! SkinFood is an eco-friendly and vegetarian-approved brand, using organically grown foods for their products.  Because of their food-based theology, SkinFood’s makeup and beauty products are chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other nourishing elements that are amazing for your skin!  While their main focus is more skincare-based, they have plenty of makeup products as well!

About the product


The honey pot lip balm isn’t just your average lip gloss.  Since it uses real honey, this lip gloss keeps your lips smooth and hydrated—say ‘goodbye’ to chapped and dry lips!  A little bit of this gloss goes a long way and lasts for a while, and they even provide a wooden applicator that looks like a honey-wand.  To top it all off?  You can buy it on SkinFood’s website for $8!  The balm can come in three colors; the one that I bought and tried out is the aptly named “Berry”, an adorable reddish-pink color that shows up as a light pink tint.


Rating and information

Brand: SkinFood
Product: Honey Pot Lip Balm in Berry
Price: 5/5
Packaging: 4.5/5
Quality: 4/5
Long Lasting?: 4/5
Vegan or Vegetarian?: Vegetarian
Cruelty Free?: Yes
Scented: Yes
Flavored: No


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