Beauty Spotlight: Revitalizing Rose Mist

Beauty Spotlight: Revitalizing Rose Mist

When it comes to K-beauty, especially skincare, there’s a lot of different steps involved.  You have cleansers, toner, serum, essence, creams and moisturizers; it’s a lot, especially if you are not familiar with the South Korean skincare routines.  What I have today is in between a toner and an essence.  It only takes a few seconds to spray and pat on, and it leaves your skin feeling replenished and moisturized.

About the brand

Soo’Ae isn’t actually Korean in the sense that they’re a brand that got it’s start in New York.  However, following the extensive skincare routine and ingredients as actual Korean skincare brands, Soo’Ae is probably the most accessible brand in stores when you want to try out Korean products (along with Tony Moly).  The cruelty-free skincare brand can be found in beauty stores like Ulta, or regular shopping centers like Walmart.  Looking for a brand that’s affordable and will make you love your skin even more?  Check out their website!

About the product

I’m in love with this rose mist for plenty of reasons.  Mixed with raspberries, strawberries, and roses, it smells amazing.  There’s nothing that I love more than great-smelling skincare products.  Did that sound weird?  Not only does it smell good, but it does incredible things for your skin.  Containing anti-oxidants, vitamins E and C, and anti-inflammatories (yes, you read that right), the toner mist can have some different uses.  It can be used to moisturize, soothe your skin, and help prevent aging.  Just spray it on your face and remember—pat it in, don’t rub it!  Have I sold you yet?  It’s $14 on their website, and it lasts for a long time.

Rating and information

Brand: Soo’Ae New York
Product: Revitalizing Rose Mist
Price: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Vegan or vegetarian?: Vegetarian
Cruelty-free?: Yes
Scented?: Yes
Flavored?: No

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