Beauty Spotlight: Whipped Cream primer

Beauty Spotlight: Whipped Cream Primer

Imagine the feeling of satin against your legs after you just shaved.  A feather, caressing your face.  The feeling of being in a soft bed of clouds.  That is exactly what putting on Winky Lux’s Whipped Cream primer feels like.  No more greasy feeling or worrying that your primer isn’t doing its job of keeping your makeup in place, because this god-sent miracle is amazing at minimizing your pores and giving you a flawless, dewy look!

About the brand

Based in New York City, Winky Lux is a relatively new brand, having launched back in 2015.  The cruelty-free brand offers a bunch of exquisite makeup, such as 24kt lipstick, flower jelly balm, and even coffee bronzer.  While not all of their products are vegan-approved (using carmine and beeswax), they have a section on their website dedicated to their vegan products!

About the product

I’m absolutely in love with this primer.  Before switching over to the Whipped Cream primer, I was using Nyx’s Angel Veil primer.  I loved using it but it’s got nothing on Winky Lux’s primer.  Shipped in a cute little container, this primer is pink and fluffy, almost reminiscent of cotton candy or (as its namesake) whipped cream.  The container may seem small, but a little bit goes a LONG way.  Not only that, but this primer has some long lasting wear and makes it feel like I just put liquid satin on my face!  You can buy it on Winky Lux’s website for $19!

Rating and information

Brand: Winky Lux
Product: Whipped Cream primer
Price: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Vegan or Vegetarian?: Vegetarian
Cruelty free?: Yes
Scented?: No
Flavored?: No

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